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The Troubles of Moving


Eventually at some points in our lives we all do it. We either are moving from our parents’ home, we’re moving from an apartment to our first home, or we have changed houses. Moving can be the most stressful event besides planning a wedding. There are so many things that can go wrong, but there are things that can go right.

You arrive at your new beautiful home and you know everything is going to go perfectly because you have immaculately packed everything. You were so organized with your boxes you know that you will be unpacked in a single day. You have ensured that everything has gone smoothly.

That’s when the firs tissue occurs. You’ve arrived at your new home, but the moving van hasn’t showed up yet. You wait and wait for them, give them a call, they tell you they are right around the corner. Three hours later you wonder what corner they are around because it obviously isn’t anywhere near your new home.

Finally after four hours of waiting they arrive in your driveway. You hear them talking about watching the Cowboy’s game and how good their chicken wings were at Buffalo Wild Wings, which is right around the corner. So they weren’t lying, they just weren’t moving. Well, at least they are here now and you don’t have to worry because you’ve packed well. Everything is going to be ok.

You see them quickly moving in and out of the house. You are happy they are getting everything moved in so quickly. A neighbor comes into your yard as you are supervising the movers and introduces herself, tells you about the neighborhood, and your new town. You are relieved to see that you have at least one friendly neighbor. As she leaves you feel your previous stress start to go away. You are happy with how much money you have saved by hiring a group of guys to move you off of Craigslist, even if they were a few hours late.

You see the last piece of furniture go in and you feel relieved. Then you go into your house and see they have stacked everything in one room. You can barely even move around to look at the boxes. Your mattress is stacked behind every box you’ve packed and your couch is loaded with at least ten boxes. You are so frustrated you could cry. You go outside to complain and see your money and the people who were supposed to help you drive away.

This has officially been the worse day of your life. How are you going to get everything organized? How are you going to get all these boxes that are stacked to the ceiling moved in time to be able to sleep on your mattress? This scenario has happened to a numerous amount of people. They think they are saving money, they think they are prepared, and then on their moving day they realize everything they could have done differently.

Don’t let this happen to you. Follow these steps and you will have an easy moving day.

  1. Pack in an organized manner. Make sure that you allot yourself plenty of time to efficiently pack. Pack one room at a time and make sure everything is organized in the boxes so nothing gets broken. Do not fill up additional space in your box with odds and ends from other room, while it seems like that will be efficient it isn’t. This will only make unpacking harder because you will have stacks of items in a room that you need in another room. After you get a box packed clearly mark where the box needs to go such as KITCHEN, LIVING ROOM, etc.
  2. Hire reputable movers. Saving money is awesome, but sometimes you get what you paid for. Make sure that your movers are insured and have good reviews. You do not want someone who will not do a good job. You don’t want to move in with broken items or boxes scattered all through the house. Also, make sure you know the right square footage of your home so they adequately price you. Inform them of large or awkward items they will be moving. Also inform the movers of how many floors you have. This way you will ensure that you will not face any additional charges when you move.
  3. Pack a bag of essentials to move yourself in your own vehicle. Often after a day of moving you do not really feel like looking for the box with your toothbrush or your hair dryer. Any items that you know you will need for that day pack it in a bag in your car. This ensures that if you run out of energy you will already have everything you need with you.
  4. Don’t be afraid to micromanage your movers. If you see your movers being too rough with your items let them know. If you see them putting items in the wrong place let them know. Don’t let them just do whatever they want, this will just mean that you won’t get the job that you want done. You are paying for a service and it is your job to ensure you get the exact job done you want. Don’t get distracted by other things, focus on the move that is going on in front of you.
  5. Don’t get frustrated. Things may not go as planned. You may find that you forgot to mark some boxes. Don’t let this get you frustrated. No move is ever perfect and few people can accomplish getting a move done in one day. It is nearly impossible to unpack and entire house in one day and have everything perfect. Make sure you stay stress free as possible and understand that in time everything will get to where it needs to be.


Moving can be fun. It does not seem like it can be, but if you get into your mind that it is an adventure, you will find that it helps you love moving into your new home.