About me

Hello, my name is Veronica Landers. I am 54 years old and live in the Boston area. I have three wonderful grandchildren, Maxwell, Leanne, and Viviane. I have one son, Gerald, and one daughter, Mary. My grandchildren bought me a brand new laptop for Christmas last year.  This is the first computer I have ever had so I am a newbie to the World Wide Web and blogging. I have read my son’s blog every day since I discovered it and realize that I have much more experience to share than he does so I need to have a blog as well. I am currently living in South Boston, but will be moving soon to be closer to my son.

My interests include ballroom dancing, antique shopping, and collecting TY Beanie Babies. Some interesting facts about me are I have never driven a car, I’ve traveled to every continent except Antarctica, but I would go to Antarctica if given the chance. I enjoy cooking and barely eat out. I believe in very healthy and clean eating. My favorite holiday is Christmas because I participate in the 25 days of Christmas Cookie exchange. I read approximately 100 books a year a promote children’s literacy. I hope you enjoy my blog and let me know all of your thoughts.